New Trail
for all to enjoy

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Dilapidated and Closed to the Public


Public Access to Renovated Creekside Path

making what was once private an open space for all

  • The development site has been private property, closed to Cottonwood Heights citizens, for the past 70 years. In the approval process, our city leaders used an innovative zoning law which requires developers to create public open space.

  • The approved development will preserve and improve the creek bed of Little Cottonwood Creek and create a new family-friendly walking path along this tree-lined creek that was previously off-limits to the public.

  • This is just one section of a trail system our city’s leadership has envisioned to add to the pedestrian orientation of the neighboring communities. A condition placed on the approval is that the developer will grant access to the public now, but also connect this creek trail with an easement to any improved trail project on neighboring properties with a public access point.

  • As our population continues to grow, this creek trail will become a public treasure.

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